Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training Academy

'Working in the RPA workshop with industry experts, at Warwick Airfield, QLD (June 2015)'

‘Working in the RPA workshop with industry experts, at Warwick Airfield, QLD (June 2015)’


If your ambition is to have a career change, venture into an exciting new industry of aviation or just want to have some fun flying Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), RPA Training Academy can help you achieve this in just 7 days.

RPAS training involves 4 days of aviation theory including 3 exams. The simulator training can show you how to fly and plan missions before taking the controls of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone).

Minimum 5 hours flight training is required where you will be the pilot in command. You will learn procedures, systems and techniques but above all have fun. At the end of the RPAS training course you will undertake a flight test.

Most aspiring RPAS prefer the Multirotor due to its functionality and stability to launch, fly, transport and easy to service characteristics.

Ground Control is the computer controls used to fly both Fixed Wing and Multirotor. With the ground control system you can design missions using standard aviation instruments. Included is navigation and fail-safes that trainees learn to master during the training process.

For those aspiring RPA Controllers that already hold a Private Pilots License you can get recognition of prior learning (conditions apply). Students can complete the approved RPA training program or undertake a separate Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) course.

As a guide training costs range from $3,450.00 to $5,450.00 with the most comprehensive program incorporating – flight training, text books, theory, exams, radio license, English proficiency test, accommodation, food and all CASA related applications and licensing costs.

Once you have your license the career possibilities are endless, the most popular in demand include; crop monitoring, search and rescue, thermal imagery, cinematography, real estate advertisements, wildlife monitoring, surveillance, security or as a communications relay device.

Other lucrative opportunities will come when governments start to use RPAS to save money. Now is the time to get in first and become the preferred industry leader in your field.

Make Remotely Piloted Aircrafts your new business or career. Inquire now!

RPA Training Academy

Kelvin Hutchinson is a Chief Flying Instructor in the aviation sector and has a wide range of RPAS operations including an RPAS Training Academy based out of Warwick Aerodrome in Queensland. Contact Kelvin at or on 0407733836.

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